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Link Building Process & Sources


Link Building Audit

First, we will analyze your backlink profile and create an audit report and suggest to remove or disawo irrelevant and spammy links that are harmful to your site.

Create Best Sources List

We will create best and high-quality sources list starts from 40+ DA 0/17 spam score, Dofollow, Google indexed links where we will add your website link and other detail.

Link Building

We will start link building submission manually with unique and optimized content on high-quality sources that we compile for your website. Remember we are not using any software for submission.

Indexing & Report

After submission, we will create a complete detailed report with all credentials detail and live links in excel file and also we will index all live links manually on Google.

Link Building Sources & What They Are?


1 – Web2.0/Micro Sites


Web 2.0 refers to the world wide web that emphasizes user-generated content it’s also called micro websites which is a powerful backlink source. in web2.0 we can create a micro website with our desired domain like (your we can add multiple pages and can add unlimited content with images and tags. we can add social icons, widgets and many other elements that will make our micro website more attractive and SEO friendly. In our package, we will create micro websites and add unique and optimized content and add website link to your targeted keywords. it’s also a very powerful source for content marketing,  web2.0 will contain 60+ DA lowest spam score and dofollow attribute with google indexing. See Sample here.


2 – Article Posting


Article Submission also a powerful source for getting backlinks and organic traffic and for content marketing, it generally refers to the writing articles that indicate your business products and services then added to popular article submission Directories. Article submission is the best way to promote your website and link in search presence. The average length of articles submission should be 500 to 700 words the article should be optimized and unique. In our package, our professional writer will write articles on your business per your selected package quantity and our link building experts will post it to high rated article websites and will index it on Google.



3- Blog Posting


Blog posting similar to the article submission but here we post content on blog websites by creating our own blog page, in our packages our professional writer will write content relevant to your business that indicates products and services plus some general phrases (commercial + general content) and Citation Building Expert’s link building team will post written content on high-rated blog posting sites containing 50+ Domain, Authority 0/17 Spam Score,  Dofollow Attribute, and highest indexing ratio. Blog posting is a great source to get organic traffic and powerful backlink that will help to increase keywords ranking in searching engines because we add your website link on your targeted keyword inside of the content.



4 – Local Citations


Local citation building, Business listing comes in local SEO, it’s a very powerful source to add your NAP (Name, Phone, Address) to local directory websites in your region. it works like a phone book where all phone are recorded and you can find your desired phone number by its name or address, in the same way in online business directories you can find your desired service place by searching name or your desired service keyword. Citation Building Experts will find local citation in your region and compile a list and start submission on them one by one manually and add all possible detail of your business and index it on Google and get a powerful backlink for your business.



5 – Infographic Submission


Information in graphics or infographics is graphic visual representations of information relating to your business, in infographic template you can add your important business services and products in shape of content and pictures and icons and you can represent your business services visually via infographic. According to the Humming Bird Google update, graphic presentation of the data is the most important and powerful ranking factor. In our packages, we will submit your designed infographic to high-quality infographic websites, if you didn’t have infographic we can design it for you but it takes extra charges depends upon your design.


6- Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarks


Social bookmarking also a good source to get powerful backlinks and organic traffic, according to the surveys we can increase 3 to 7% traffic via sharing our website to top bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit also we can get powerful backlinks from them, In our packages we will share your website and your website inner pages to top bookmarking websites and get backlinks and index them on Google. we will share your website only on the top and high rated bookmarking websites that have 70+ Domain Authority, Dofollow Attribute, and highest Google indexing ratio.



7- Social Media Posting


You know that this is a digital world and now you can find everything on the internet and you can also make friends on social network websites. But when we come in SMO (Social Media Optimization) we can take more benefits from social network websites we can promote our business products and services and can get more customer. also, we can share our product outlets and infographics to aware our customer about upcoming features or services. In our packages, we will share your products among our complied community that will relate to your business services in your local area. here are the top social media sites (facebook, twitter, G+, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin)


8 – Video Submission


Video Marketing and submission is a major source to get organic traffic and backlinks and conversions. Usually, a business video contains business intro, narration about services,  products, and features. We can create the business video as we want and can add elements that more beneficial for our business and represent highlighted services to our customers. In our packages, we will submit your business video to top video submission websites like youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. if you didn’t have the business video we can create it for you but it takes extra charges depends upon your video design and duration.



9 – Tier 2 Links


First, we will create high-quality backlinks to your website and index them on Google that is Tier 1 links, after this, we will do link building on Tier 1 links to increase its worth and power. Tier 2 links are a most important factor to create authentic and powerful backlink profile. In our packages, we will create Tier 2 links that will represent Tier 1 links, the quantity of tier 2 links will be 10-15% of your selected package. After link building, submissions Citation Building Experts team will create a detailed report with all credentials and send to your provided email or any other source and you can request for revision anytime after checking report our team will happy to coordinate with you.

What is Link Building & Why it is Important in SEO?

 Link building is not new but there are several people who don’t understand its importance. Both SEO and link building go through a consistent change and the demand for high-quality links has increased with time compared to the last years. You need successful campaigns to get an exposure in the internet world, but that is possible only if you understand link building and its techniques. This guide will help the newcomers as well as the old SEO professionals who want to improve the process of link building. The guide is so easy that even a layman can understand it and can apply it to his or her new venture.

How to Define Link Building?

A way of getting hyperlinks to your website from various websites is what we call link building. The users can navigate from one website to another or from one page to another with the help of a hyperlink. The links help search engines explore the web for different pages or websites. SEO experts use various techniques for link building and consider it very hard because they have to spend a lot of time on this task. An SEO specialist can reach the top in the industry if he knows how to build quality links.

Importance of Link Building in SEO

It is essential to know link building fundamentals because only they can tell you the actual value of the links. Like you need to know how the links are developed, and how the search engines detect them.

  1. Anchor Tag: Denoted as “a” the anchor tag starts the link tag and help search engines to follow the required page or website through the link.
  2. Finding the Link URL: The “href” or “hyperlink referral” shows the website to which the given link is directing. It is not always necessary to link a webpage, but it can also be an image or any download and it starts with a # mark. These local links help visitors explore various parts of the page they visit.
  3. Anchor Text Denoting the Link: This is either a keyword or any small text with a hyperlink that the reader can click to explore further. The writer differentiates the anchor text from the rest of content with blue color or with an underline, showing the readers that the link is clickable.
  4. End of Link Tag: This helps search engines find that the link tag is ending.

Importance of Links for Search Engines

The search engines use the links for two reasons:

  1. To locate new web pages
  2. To find how to rank the specific page in the search results.

Search engines have to rank the web pages according to their links and web content. The external websites with the links referring your page should be of high-quality because Google or any other search engine will rank your page accordingly. Google has also developed a special video on this topic for beginners. In general, the link building benefits include:

  • High ranking in search results
  • More traffic through other websites linked to your webpage
  • People consider you website informative and useful due to high-quality links and content.
  • People can search you fast
  • It is an integral part of SEO

Types of Links

Natural Link Building: Natural links are also known as editorial links because the website owners give these links. You don’t have to contact anyone or ask the website owner to link to your webpage. But it’s hard to earn such links that’s why Google value such links more than others

Manual Link Building: Manual link building is a common practice especially for startups and for small businesses. You have to contact the bloggers or website owners to place your link but you need to convince them with a particular reason. You also need to contact people with relevant industry because an irrelevant website owner will find it weird to link to you.

Manipulation of Links: Initially, the SEO specialists tried to manipulate the PageRank with certain keywords, even though the page was not of high-quality. As a result, Google started a filter system to detect the poor websites. The web directories that were used for link building are no more useful now because Google consistently updates its policies for link building techniques. Google also penalizes websites which manipulate by overusing the keywords or links. So the SEO specialist must be well aware of the penguin updates by Google that help find the right link building techniques. Though it is hard to detect Google’s actual algorithm but the SEO sector knows that links have an important place in algorithm.

Google’s Analysis of Ranking Factors

Google monitors certain factors to determine the web pages’ ranking level, like

  • Impressive content with links that look natural
  • Impressive and informative videos
  • Guest posting
  • Info graphics
  • Creating pillar content and its marketing
  • Dofollow social websites and comments

Even if all factors are compatible, the quality and quantity of links referring to a page will affect the rankings. Some people think that links are not as effective in page ranking as they used to be in the past. But, here again, we will emphasize on high-quality links which still take your page to a high rank on Google. So, the SEO specialists should use such link building strategies that focus more on quality of the links.

Things to Know About Nofollow

Sometimes the websites include a feature named “nofollow” that prevents unnecessary links. An ordinary user cannot notice this feature but those who understand the HTML will understand “nofollow” from the code. For example, see the code below supposing that your website is ABC,

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>ABC</a>

In the above code, you can see a term rel=”nofollow”, that orders Google to ignore the specific link because it will affect the URL rank. The reason for using the Nofollow codes is to avoid the links which are otherwise uncontrollable. In fact, you as a website owner suggest Google not to trust the link because you don’t find it from a reliable source. Such links can be in blog comments, forum posts or guest posts signatures, Wikipedia pages that need editing, yahoo answers, guest books, un-moderated directories, user profiles, embedded widgets, and several other features.

These are the areas where any user can place a link and it becomes hard for you to moderate the links. So you can apply a Nofollow feature to unnecessary links posted by others. Nofollow keeps the spammers away from getting benefit from your websites PageRank.  Recently, Google has also started using this feature for areas like the link submitting directories, press releases and advertisements. To avoid any confusion, you can differentiate between the no-followed and followed links with the help of certain tools available online.

The Way Link Building Helps Your Brand

Now, you know that the links help search engines rank a website so the use of high-quality links will increase your website’s rank in the search engine, like Google. Eventually, the visitors will know your brand and will find your website useful. There are also several other advantages to link building which are not so apparent but you need to focus on them too.

  1. Enhance Business Relationships

You can get connected to other blogs or websites through link building that further helps you develop a business network in your industry. The main purpose of outreaching the industry fellows is not just to attain a link; instead, it can also help you have a good relationship with the industry experts. The relationship can become long-term, increasing your worth in the industry. People will trust you more and will buy your product or will consider your website informative and authentic. As a result, the link building will give birth to the advocates for your brand.

  1. Links Influence the Referrals

Link building does not only affect the rankings but it also leaves a great impact on referrals. A high-quality website sending a link to your page will bring more traffic. It can also enhance your sales if the website is relevant because it will bring potential customers. In other words, your link will attract customers rather than just enhancing the SEO. Guest blogging in a high ranked website that links to your webpage can bring an unlimited traffic with a passionate audience, getting you more exposure.

  1. Product Development

High-quality link building can enhance your brand making you an authority in your industry. Like, you can create impressive and original content to make people aware of your brand. A killing content can make you popular on several platforms, including the social media. By linking your web page to the related websites, your brand will grow within days as you get thousands of audience.

  1. Have Valuable Web Pages for Linking

As you need valuable websites for link building, likewise, you would need a valuable webpage to link to. Most of the time, people link the homepage of their website. However, you can also link to a specific feature like an image, tool, or a blog post.  You can either build links to already available features on your website or can develop special features with an aim of link building, both will work. Same way, the link building strategy determines the type of link you must choose, but you should not use the non-editorial links. Better select natural links that increase your website worth, enhancing your brand.

Link Building Campaigns

Provided both sides are of high-quality, the link building campaign will become an earning campaign as your webpage will get a good rank. Every SEO must start a link building campaign with the pages that deserve linking. You will find it hard to build links to low-quality web pages or which have no worth. If the links connect people to an informative webpage or to a useful product, link building will become the easiest task for you.

  1. Make a Plan for Number of Links

Just like you make a marketing plan so you have to do for link building because your main aim is to market your plan. Choose a realistic goal that gets you businesses instead of an unrealistic goal. Like, if you build 8 links that don’t help grow your business, they will be useless.  At the same time, a number of links help Google see how your webpage is informative for your visitors. Sometimes, even the high-quality content remains unnoticed due to a lack of links or if the website owners don’t link to you, you will not have a place on the search engines. Remember one fact that search engines are not humans they are blind because they are machines. For example, Google will not find your site valuable even if it has superb content because Google only crawls through links.

  1. Identify Your Assets

Find the assets that you will use for link building. These assets may act as a hook, attracting the web owners to hook to your valuable webpage. Every business has its own assets so you must identify yours for a successful link building. Some common assets include the web content, data, services, products, and people.

  1. The Links You Need

After deciding the link strategy, find the type of links you should get. Like they can be links to your homepage, links to products or services, links having the company or brand name, and links with target keywords. You need to deeply analyze the links that suit your business. You can either use one link or a combination of two links.

  1. Recognize Your Target Market

You must know your target audience to help links attract that audience accordingly. The links will fail in getting business if they will not target the desired audience so be wise. Do a lot of research to find your target visitors because a successful link building can turn your visitors into potential customers.

Let’s Wrap It Up

This link building guideline can help startups understand the essence of link building. As we all know that new strategies appear and search engines update their terms regularly so stay updated with Google. But independent of the changing landscape, one should only concentrate on the quality of the links as we mentioned here so many times. Quality is the only factor that will never change so follow this rule for having a long-term online exposure.