Why Local Citations are Important for Local SEO

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April 17, 2018
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Why Local Citations are Important for Local SEO

Most of the time, we see citations which are not well structured as they consist of the part of your NAP – maybe for you, it is your “company name, address, and phone number” or “company name and address with phone number” and this might seem a better than idea but, it is not as useful as a full citation which consists of your business’s entire NAP. A complete and perfect citation will always bear the company or business name, address and phone number along with some details.

Why Do Local Citations Building Matter?

When it comes to the Local Business Directory sites, the local citations becomes more and more important for the visibility of the business. Not only for online presence point of view, is the local citation the one key factor for the business which has no websites. However, there are more benefits of citation is far beyond than just this. If you have a business which deals in the local level, the Local citations and links can be very beneficial for this type of business, even when the business does not have their own website. A local citation can also make it easier for people to find your business with the help of improved rankings on local maps. There are some websites such as Yelp, which can provide valuable referrals and traffic thus resulting in increasing your business. A business with the website can gain more exposure in a Local Business Directory website with the help of citation by long tail keyword. In localized searches and map results your business will rank higher.

How important are accurate local Citations to local search ranking?

Having accurate citations for a business in the Local Business Directory Listing one of the compulsory element of good SEO as per many experts. It won’t matter if a brand has 10 or 10,000 locations if the local listings are not accurate as it supposed to be or simply they need to be monitored and accurate ongoing for errors, in order to make sure that users are able to successfully contact and visit the business. Accurate local citations for business mean having the business directory with accurate detail regarding the name, address and phone number or alike.

Different citations may have their own address which may look different from other directories as different Citation Building have different format of inputting the detail which may turn“75 Main Street” looking into “75 Main St” or vice versa. Though this type of normalization is controlled by the directories, the valid details of address need to be controlled by the business itself. This also means that the geocodes and address of each location (latitude and longitude) need to be verified to be accurate, so when listings are linked (but they work separately), the data should highly be accurate and the address is something which is recognized by all directories.

A Local Citation Building using outdated street addresses or highly inaccurate geocodes, both factors lead to the poor results and user experience. In order to get the job done is buying a specific local citation service so they could build citations that are worth mentioning and can benefit your business way better.

Improve Your Local Ranking on Google

When a person looks for the business or places in local results, the result appears to people who search for the particular businesses or places near their location. One can see them in a number of places across Maps and Search. When you find out that your business is not appearing in that search when the customer looks for, then there are some tasks you will need to complete in order to make the result more into your favor. Starting with the completely inputting your business data. Yes, this is perhaps something that you may have already thought of. In Google my business, you should enter all of your business details as you do in Business Directory Listing. The difference is, when a consumer searches directly in Google by typing about what they want, Google show them directly what is exactly or close to their search criteria. Another important thing is the accurate location. By inputting your accurate location you make it much easier for users to reach your product or business when they Google for it.

Reviews are very helpful in getting the better ranking because. When your customers post the review about your business, do not forget to respond about this. This will show how much you care about the customers and what is the value of them for you. Solid positive reviews are very helpful in the visibility of your business as well as will increase the likelihood that a potential customer will like to visit your business. Another most obvious thing is adding the photos. What else would be the best way to show the services and goods you deal with in your Local Business Directory? While creating the listing, don’t forget to add the photos which perfectly show your business and services.

If you are wondering how Google determines to rank, the local results are basically about distance, relevance, and prominence. These are the factors which are combined and help users to find the best match for their search. It’s not just about spending huge bucks in the name of “IMPROVING the RANKING” as whatever happens these are the factors which determine the ranking of the business in Google. One should concentrate on them.

Local Citation Consistency

If you are struggling a lot with your business’s Citation Building consistency then this something for you.

As we mentioned earlier, the accurate information in the business citation is the backbone of the citation success. The most important part of the local citation is the Name, Address and Phone numbers aka NAP. Keep it in mind that when there is any contradiction in the data they carry and the actual NAP of your business, it is easy to conclude that your citation is not doing what they are meant to do. Consistency is very important for the citation and if the citation is being made without taking care of this factor then the consistency will not be continued, resulting in being a threat to your local ranking. Always be careful when you have to use a tracking or toll-free number on your website or when you are creating a bunch of Local Business Directory Listing. This is why an expert’s help in a citation is required in order to create the consistent citation for better ranking.

Which is more important, Quality or Quantity of Local Citations?

When it comes to quality, we originally refer to the type of sites where citations are built on. The most favorable and quality site means the sites which are more related to the business and have high domain authority. When the Local Business Directory Listing is built on such website, you can expect to have a good ranking and better exposure in Google business search. However, one should one should not forget about the quantity as well. In many scenarios, such as in competitive markets such as lawyers and dentists, the business will need to enough number of business citations which should have been made in order to compete with other businesses. It would be better to say that there should be a sensible balance between the quality and quantity but still having a high-quality citation on the high authority websites is most important according to the huge number of SEO expert.

Local Citation Building rated popular link building tactic for Local SEO Ranking

It doesn’t matter it’s about local SEO and Organic, the links are highly important when it comes to search engine marketing. This is why high authenticate links are always in demand and this trend hasn’t been changed. There various ways to creating such links and for most of the SEO experts, the usage of citation building or directory listings is one the best and most favorable link building method for them.  The accurate citations are not just crucial to local search ranking but getting listed on top industry or local directories will also help you get better business as well and more importantly it is an asset for your business and for the citation manager as well.

This is why the Local Citation Building for local business is very important not only for better exposure but to build a valid and authentic profile in the competitive marketing. In a survey of the SEO experts, it wasn’t surprising to find that 76% of SEO Experts use Citations / Business Directory Listing to build links. The 58% of SEO Experts s use Content Marketing to build links, 24% of SEO Experts s use Press Releases to build links and 21% of SEO Experts s use Guest Posts to build links. Now you will understand why it is important the citation building for the business.

How Do Local Citations Correlate with Local Search Rankings?

If you are wondering that how Citation Building in related to the ranking in Google then here is a simple explanation for you. Local citation works this by creating the relevant and regular NAP information (name, address, phone number) across hundred of citation sources which are the relevant websites where usually these business listing are placed. If the citation is being created on more relevant websites and they are consistent and localized there are definite chances of improved ranking for your services and products and you are more likely to get more business as your business will have better exposure due to the local citation building. In general, the citation is actually another source of reliable and authentic links, which Google and Bing when your business NAP is consistent across the web.

Types of Local Citations for SEO

As you are familiar with the Local Business Directory Listing or the citation building here is another interesting about the citation building which is, not every citation is created by the same way. There are two ways of creating the citations.


This is the most common type of citation which can be found on Yelp and superpages.com which is considered as the structured citation. This usually has the business name and address and phone number incorrectly format.

Unstructured Citations

These are the most valuable citation for your business which can be found on blogs, newspaper or on business websites or job websites etc. They can be just the name and part of the address such as the phone number or even just the address.

Co-Occurrence of Keywords

Co-occurrence is generally described as the frequency and propinquity of keywords that appear on a website as well as the relationship between those keywords. This can usually happen when Business Directory Listing is being made and there is the option of adding the description. A good local citation expert will add the description which also includes the business keywords as well and creates the listing. This is very helpful not only to gain better exposure but doing it with much authentic listing or citation will create a bonding between your brand and the keyword and you can expect to have a much better business than one can imagine.

A new business, how many local citations do you need to build in the first 1-2 month?

One of the serious considerations when the citation is being started. How much Local Citation Building is important when it is for the new business? There is not exactly an exact answer from the experts but a huge number of citation experts state that there should be at least 30 local citations within the first 2 months of the business. Why? it’s simple, all because of getting the better exposure in Google business and a new business can attempt all of the Local Business Directory websites and it doesn’t matter if the type of the industry is related to them or not. But one should also have it in mind that it should also be noticed is Google ever sees them or not. It is called the indexing. Those citations shouldn’t only be in large number as well but they should also be indexed as well by Google. According to some experts, it is ok to force crawling the URL’s to ensure they get indexed.

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