Local Citation Building Process

Our Citation Audit

A complete citation audit is an inventory and careful analysis of a business, It is the most important first step in any local SEO strategy, In citation audit, we will check existing listings, wrong NAP, Claim listings, and verify supplied business information.

Verification of Supplied Information

In citation audit, we will verify supplied client information and make sure supplied information match with client’s website and already listed online if any inconsistencies are found we will contact client back and ask for verification again because it is essential that all listings contain same information to help local ranking.

Check for Existing Local Citations / Avoid Duplication

While building your local citations we every single directory to ensure that there is not any pre-existing directory, If we found any existing listing we check for inconsistencies of NAP and make necessary changing. Manually checking existing directory eliminate duplicate listings.

Citation audit is most important in this we will check all wrong NAP & verify supplied business information. One question comes to your mind what is NAP?

What is NAP?

NAP stands for Business Name, Address, and Phone Number

Possessing this info listed on another site like Yelp, City search, or Yellow pages behaves as a favorable vote for your regional listings. When a lot of peoples understand they will need to build citations to help boost their local ranks, surprisingly many folks overlook getting duplicate listings and erroneous listings.

What Do People think?

Many people today believe they simply have to upgrade their Google My Business list that’s erroneous. Actually, if all you are doing is upgrading your Google+ Local Page, you are likely to continue to find issues because “new” incorrect information will constantly feed into Google out of all of its other sources.” It has been known to make bigger problems in the future.

What is an Incorrect NAP?

So what’s an incorrect NAP? It functions as a vote of confidence for you like a connection in natural SEO

You need to be certain that your Google My Business Listing has your right NAP format how you want it exhibited across the net. If some of the info isn’t the same as it’s recorded in Google My Business you then might not be getting credit for this. Also in case you’ve got a copy listing, it might be hurting you also. Just as you did not make or publish the wrong information does not indicate it is not polluting the local ecosystem. But first, let’s take a look of some good and bad examples of a correct and incorrect NAP.

Google is smart detecting minor differences in Citations submission.

What always remember?

The long and the short of this is that the Business Name, Address, and Phone Number you would like to use ought to be 100% right on your Google My Business Dashboard (previously Google Places, Plus Local, etc.). From here, you can replicate this specific format on each source you would like to acquire a citation from.

Create a Local Citations List

  • We’ve listed the top local citations by business category
  • A resource of over 1,000 niche citation sites
  • Local citations for 40+ business categories


Online directories are critical for search engine optimization. But which online company directories and citation websites are the greatest? The citation lists below will be the results of a massive job to market the complete collection of market citation websites available online.

Citation Building

We list your business on curate citation sources manually & we make sure to add as much information as possible on particular sources, because when citations are fully completed and comprehensive the more beneficial for your local ranking.

Citation Indexing & Report

As you Know No local ranking possible without indexing. Index means you tell Search engines about your submission and business what you do on internet for your website, for indexing we have paid indexing tools, we index each citation in the correct drip feed manner that will give you instantly desired output in Google and Bing local search and will send you a final report with all credentials and audit.